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Mater Christi has a vibrant and dynamic Resident Lifestyle Team who strive to offer an innovative, enjoyable and meaningful range of activities for our resident community.

From regular shopping trips to the local shopping centre to musical performances, exercise and even meditation
classes, the activities programme endeavours to find something that allows each individual resident to experience a better quality of life. In addition to the main program Mater Christi has a dedicated Dementia Specific program which embraces the latest information and research in better care for people with dementia.

The lifestyles team would love prospective residents and their family and carers to give us as much information as possible about themselves . This will enable us to provide activities and interest areas specific to their needs.  


For example:

  • Did/does the person play a musical instrument

  • Does the person like listening to music?  If so, what is his personal preference

  • Do they like to watch TV

  • Do they enjoy movies? If so, a preference?

  • What did they do for a career?

  • Do they like to sit outside?

  • Did they enjoy gardening?

  • If you were to say the person was an expert in a particular area, what would that be?

  • Did they travel much?  If so, do they have a favourite place or country that triggers fond memories?

  • What are their favourite foods?

  • Do they like books?  Arts?  Craft?

  • Did they have pets?  If so, what kind?

When you apply to become a resident at Mater Christi you will be given the opportunity to supply this information to us. We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Click this pdf link to view our full

Mater Christi Resident Handbook

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at Mater Christi permanent or respite

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