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THE LINK Project Update October 2021

We’re excited to share that it won’t be long now until The Link is operational for our SCC community to enjoy.

Here’s an overview of the concept, and what you’ll find when you visit this special space.

What it is, who it’s for:

In alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of Sawtell Catholic Care to create an inclusive community of Christian care, The Link site is intended to become a lifestyle asset for the residents of Marian Grove and Mater Christi and an interface to support outreach, grow engagement and build connection between the SCC organisation and the wider community.

The Link facilities will support an active and socially connected lifestyle for our

residents, as well as host programs and events in collaboration with other groups and organisations designed to foster the growth of an inclusive, intergenerational and connected community within the wider region.

Programs will range from arts based through to community gardening, food preparation, activities of daily living, sharing skills and physical movement taking into account each person’s individual goals, preferences and choices, and underpinned by a strong emphasis on meaningful activity and restorative approaches, including mental, physical and spiritual wellness and reablement.

Over time, The Link will also develop into a unique location for special events, meetings and venue hire, as well as a Café/eatery which will become operational at a later date.

In addition to all of this potential for the future, The Link is already a beautiful, serene and

soulful location where you can simply enjoy walking and observing the gardens and wildlife, or rest in peaceful reflection.

There are a number of different areas on the Link site -

The Pavilion: is a multifunctional gallery/meeting/cultural events and activities space leading out to an amphitheatre lawn area which in turn leads to a children’s playground space.

The Potting Shed:

Is where the community garden is located.

The Link Café:

A Café/eatery with outdoor seating – adjacent to rest rooms.

The Bungalows: with a beautiful outdoor deck over the lagoon, the bungalow spaces are designed to host programs, meetings, and wellbeing activities.

Reflection Garden: A quiet space away from the main traffic areas, a perfect spot for

peaceful and reflective moments.

So, as you see, there will be something at the Link for everyone to appreciate.

Keep watching this space for more, next month!

Michelle Royce

Communications Marketing Coordinator

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It looks fantastic. Can't believe what you have all achieved there. It will be a great community asset. Well done SCC and Mr Steve Laidley as project manager. Thank you Michelle for the excellent communications . Can't wait. Neil W


Jill Nash
Jill Nash
Oct 07, 2021

Can't wait for it to open - when will that be?

Oct 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Jill for your enquiry,

We are looking forward to opening in Stages throughout 2022. We can't wait to share more details with our community as soon as possible.

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