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The Art of Ageing Photography Exhibition

In conjunction with the official grand opening of SCC The Link, we are hosting 'The art of ageing' traveling photographic exhibition.

The Art of Ageing is an initiative under the NSW Ageing Strategy 2016–2020 to demonstrate the diversity and contributions of older people in NSW. Art of Ageing 2020 exhibition is on tour to 45 sites across NSW.

The Art of Ageing is a photographic exhibition that celebrates the value, experience and contribution older people bring, and challenges out-dated perceptions of ageing.The 2020 exhibition comprises of 24 images taken by talented NSW photographers. Each photograph is accompanied by a short story highlighting the subject's experiences and reflections on ageing.

Accomplished and unconventional perhaps best describes the many diverse individuals in this exhibition. These extraordinary people have carved out an interesting life for themselves that keeps them young. Let them inspire you to live life to the fullest.

We will be hosting the exhibition at The Link from Monday 10th October for two weeks at the pavilion - open Monday to Saturday 9am to 3pm.

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