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Recently our Communications Coordinator sat down with new resident to discuss her experience in moving to Marian Grove New Release. The following article appeared in the June 2021 issue of Coffs Harbour FOCUS magazine.

When life changes, we often need to reevaluate and revisit our needs and direction. Such was the case for New Release resident Chris, whose journey led her to a new home and life at Marian Grove.

“There’s definitely an element of trauma in leaving somewhere you’ve lived for many years and moving to somewhere new” she says. “It usually involves downsizing, which means letting go of so many things that are more than just things, they have sentiment and memories attached to them so it’s a whole process in itself, then there’s a whole new set of circumstances to adjust to. It asks you to be flexible and change isn’t easy for anyone, so we’ve got to dig deep to make it a positive and life enhancing experience.”

What led you to choose Marian Grove, Chris?

“A lot of people said to me along the way, ‘Have you thought about the new apartments at Marian Grove, oh but they’d be too expensive’” Chris says, “so I didn’t bother. I discounted that option as out of my scenario. Then I saw an ad on the television one night and I thought, well it can’t hurt at least to look. I made no appointment or anything, because I wasn’t even sure exactly where the new part was, although I knew Marian Grove because I’ve had dear friends living here for years.”

“I just pulled up out the front of the apartments and walked up the stairs, and it was like someone put their arms around me and said, ‘You belong here.’ The sense of peace and feeling like this was home was overwhelming. So, I went back outside, toddled down the street to reception and asked, how do I organize to have a look through the apartments? The team in reception were so helpful and I made a time to meet Michelle, who I found to be thoughtful, mindful, caring, and able to put herself in someone else’s shoes, which made that whole process of thinking and looking and deciding much easier. And I have to say that she’s indicative of, without exception, everyone I’ve come across since I’ve moved here.”

“I’ve been reading through the resident handbook, about your Vision and Mission and Values and I don’t know how you do it, to be honest. A lot of places say, we’re this or we’re that, but they’re just empty words. The thing I strongly feel that sets this place apart is that your words seem to be backed up by actions and I observed this even before I decided to buy here. Everyone, from the maintenance team to reception and the others, have smiles on their faces, love in their hearts, and patience when they deal with people, and you can feel that. And now that I’m meeting other residents in the community, I feel the same thing from them. It’s the journey to peace I was looking for, and it’s priceless.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Chris, welcome home.

If you’ve discounted the option of coming to Marian Grove, perhaps you’d like to take a better look and find out what we have to offer!

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