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“Life can change so quickly” says Robyn, who has just moved into her Marian Grove New Release apartment. “I’ve lived at the other end of Sawtell Road for many years and loved it. But when things changed suddenly, my son made an appointment without me knowing to come down and have a look at the apartments. I didn’t really want to move, I didn’t feel ready, but I gave in and looked at a few. I thought, these are beautiful, but not really for me. That is, until I walked into this one. As soon as I got inside, I thought ‘This is it.’ I went home and put my house on the market the same day!”

“There was a lot of downsizing to do, moving from my large home. I had to part with some things I really loved like an eight seater dining setting, but knowing I was coming here helped so much and every time I had a question, or needed assistance there was always wonderful support from the Marian Grove team.” Robyn says. One thing Robyn will never part with though, is her ‘prized possession’. As the original Director of Care at co- located residential care facility Mater Christi, involved in setting up operations over twenty years ago, she has a special connection with Marian Grove and Sawtell Catholic Care.

“I worked out of unit number 13 when we were setting up here. I was so blessed. We had a great team and to return like this, it’s wonderful. This is a piece of rock from what was used to build the wall at Mater Christi. I was presented with this by our original CEO. It says, “Presented to the first DOC (Director of Care) at Mater Christi, to do ‘rounds’ and approve stonework under construction 17th July 1998.”

When asked what she loves most about her new home, Robyn can’t really decide! “It’s everything” she says. “The community here at Marian Grove is wonderful, I feel like I’m part of a big family. I feel so secure and so welcome.” And what about her apartment? “I love it. Look at the space, this outdoor area is like having another room. It’s all the trees, I had two rosellas here on my balcony this morning, but I’m still right in the middle of everything. It’s so convenient. And the light is lovely, all that sky out there, it’s just everything. I’m home. I’ve come home.”

Thank you Robyn for sharing your story with us.

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