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NAIDOC week is celebrated from July 2nd - 9th. The 2023 National NAIDOC Week theme is ‘For Our Elders’.

“Across every generation, our Elders have played, and continue to play, an important role and hold a prominent place in our communities and families.

They are cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors, leaders, hard workers and our loved ones.

Our loved ones pick us up in our low moments and celebrate us in our high ones. They cook us a feed to comfort us and pull us into line, when we need them to.

They guide our generations and pave the way for us to take the paths we can take today. Guidance, helps us not only through generations of advocacy and

activism, but also in everyday life and how to place ourselves in the world.

We draw strength from their knowledge and experience, in everything from land management, cultural knowledge to justice and human rights. Across multiple sectors like health, education, the arts, politics and everything in between, they have set the many courses we follow.”

Excerpt ‘For our Elders’ theme. For more go to

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