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CEO Special News update - Monday September 19 2022

Today we share the sadness and solemnity of many across the world as we acknowledge the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, in the midst of this sadness we draw inspiration from her life of dedicated service lived with faith and Christian values.

The Queen always maintained the highest respect for everyone, no matter their circumstance or station in life; and she was a model of integrity for leaders around the world and admired by millions.

Many in our SCC community, including staff, residents and clients have been particularly impacted by the passing of Her Majesty.

Recently the 108-hour BBC livestream of ordinary people silently and reverently bowing, praying, or curtseying as they honoured the remains of Elizabeth II was riveting TV for many.

The outpouring of grief from those of vastly diverse backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and hopes bears witness to a woman who lived values that bind those of goodwill across the world.

Queen Elizabeth was a role model for generations striving to lead lives of integrity and faith amid a rapidly changing social and political landscape.

Whilst maintaining the ‘stiff upper lip’, at times she allowed the world to see the pain and confusion that accompanied her joy and elation as a parent, grandparent, and queen.

May this time of mourning remind us all of her values, and serve to profoundly strengthen the hearts of people across the world to live lives of kindness and care for one another.

The Prime Minister has announced a National Day of Mourning and public holiday for this coming Thursday 22 September. This day will be treated like any other Public Holiday throughout the year. Please check your Inerva portal or speak to your Manager about your requirement to work on this day.

Westminster Hall, with the Queen and her Royal guards standing vigil.

{This youtube link captures her visit to Coffs in 1970.}

Michael Darragh

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