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AIH National Green Space Regional Award Ceremony

Sawtell Catholic Care’s ‘The Link’ community gardens were named as the best in Australia at the Australian Institute of Horticulture’s Awards Ceremony, held at Melbourne’s Rose Street Artists Markets on Friday 28 October 2022.

However, as our community was not able to attend the award, the Australian Institute of Horticulture has kindly offered to re-present the National Green Space Regional Award here at The Link, along with an official opening of our “Potting Shed” Community Garden.

Garden Expressions’ Senior Landscape Designer Claudia Nevell,

and Great Gardens Landscaping will also receive an award for their collective input towards creating a natural destination which is, as Michael Darragh CEO stated at the awards night, “also a physical expression of our mission in action, a safe place where we can grow together as a community and nurture a shared understanding of care for our land, our environment and each other.”

You are welcome to attend this local awards presentation and opening at The Link Pavilion on Thursday 23rd, 11 am.

Hope to see you there!

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