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Holding the Story

All of us hold a story –our own ‘story of self’- within us. Our story of self weaves the identity that we wear in the world. But what happens when age and illness unravel the identity, and there is no-one to bear witness to our story of self? We become invisible, voiceless and isolated, leading to loneliness, depression, and a decline in health which often leads to medical intervention.


Research tells us that creative ageing/arts in health programs like ‘Holding the Story’ are a potential alternative to this scenario, fostering joy and well being, as well as challenging the myths and stereotypes around older people and people living with dementia.

SCCA’s ‘Holding the Story’ project harnesses the magic and power of Storytelling as a co-creative journey for older people and people living with dementia.



“Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls”.
Melody Beattie

Tony Lennon
Tony is a former solicitor who is living with dementia. His purpose is to document his family history, while he can still remember. This poignant story of a young man lost to war is his first chapter.
Nell lived with a diagnosis of Dementia. Nell enjoys the co creative art of storytelling and in this project year we focused on a story that ‘makes me feel good’.
Joy Remembers
In September 1973 Joy and her new husband Lee took a trip around Australia. Joy lived with dementia and relived her experience with the aid of a very special diary.
by Jasmine Braun
Jasmine tells the wonderful story of her Dad and recalls the family skiing holidays that brought them together. Jasmine’s Dad was living with dementia in residential care and passed away not long after the video was made.
Yvonne's Special Christmas
Yvonne  shares her childhood memories of Christmas at Dunbogan in the 1940’s. Enjoy this nostalgic glimpse into a time long gone.
Enid & Peter
The Early Days
This beautiful love story was shared by Enid and produced by Monique Buchbach as part of the SCC Holding the Story Project for Dementia Awareness Month 2016. Enid’s husband was living with dementia in residential care and passed away just after the project ended.
Nell's 7th Birthday
Nell, a lady who lived with a diagnosis of dementia, shares her memories of her 7th birthday in pre WW2 Holland.
By John McMahon

At the age of 60, John took up painting. “Irene bought me a paint by numbers kit and I enjoyed it so much I just kept going” he says. At the age of 63 John completed his HSC and followed this with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He then put pen to paper and completed his life story “A Roof Over My Head”. John wrote the script for “Trees”- this digital story  which encapsulates his life in a few short paragraphs.

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