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Sawtell Home Care

‘Sawtell Home Care’ is the newest service provided as part of the resident lifestyle experience at Sawtell Catholic Care’s Marian Grove Retirement Village.

What made Sawtell Catholic Care branch out into the Home Care arena?

“We saw a gap in the continuum of care between Marian Grove and Mater Christi” says Matt Digges, Director of Mission. Originally, the vision was for Marian Grove, which served a need at the time. When Mater Christi, was added it included low care, hostel care. But that’s not the case now. There’s no more hostel accommodation, so Home Care fills that space in the middle where people need support but may not be ready to go into residential care. It completes the puzzle, going from independent living, to supported living to, where it’s needed, residential care.”

“Most Australians, statistically speaking, want to avoid residential care and remain in their homes” adds Home Care Manager, Robert Wilson. “Providing this service makes sure that residents who have chosen to make Marian Grove Village their home are also given the choice to remain living independently in their home as long as possible. It’s proven that people do better at home, have better health and wellbeing outcomes living at home and affording them the opportunity to continue doing the things that make them feel fulfilled and give their lives meaning, whatever that is for each person, is what this service is all about.”

“Sawtell Home Care is relationship focused” says Robert. “I don’t think it’s possible to provide good quality care with good outcomes for the person, particularly if you’re talking about wellness and reablement without a strong relationship between the client and the provider, the provider and the family, the GP and everyone who might be involved to ensure that the needs and choices of the person are fulfilled. It all stems from getting to know each one as an individual.”

“That’s where it all dovetails with our ongoing mission in action, to envisage and create an inclusive community of Christian care” says Matt. “We have a village that’s based on relationship and a system of care which acknowledges the independent nature of each of our residents. The relationship deepens over the years and so if there does come a time where a person feels they need some support to continue to live their life the way they choose, now we have the ability to facilitate that.”

What does the future look like for SHC?

“Phase one is focusing on our Marian Grove residents. Phase two will be connecting to the wider community “Robert says. “I’m more than happy to talk to anyone and assist them through the process of finding the right provider for their needs, which can be challenging. I recently had a couple of enquiries which ultimately led to those people finding that they were better served through other means. It’s not about making sure people come to us, it’s about making sure they have the information and knowledge and support to find and receive the assistance they need.”

“There is an element of fear around what people feel is someone ‘taking over’ their lives or giving up their independence” Robert says. “But you’re in the driver’s seat. The right level of support gives you the ability to continue to do the things that make you independent. It’s also about providing a service in the way the client chooses, and that circles right back to relationship.”

For more information visit our website at or get in touch with us on 6659 6651. Our dedicated staff members are more than happy to help you navigate your way through the process.

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