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John and Barbara Smith have lived in Marian Grove Village long enough to make good friends and good memories. Here’s why they chose Marian Grove and how they feel about their home.

What brought you to Marian Grove?

“It was about eight years ago now we decided to downsize” says John. “I’d retired from driving buses for 38 years and we wanted to slow down, but to be honest we were a bit hesitant at first about coming into a place like this. We’ve had properties and horses and cattle and so forth over the years and this was more confined than what we were used to.”

“In the end though, we decided doing this was the right idea, since we didn’t want to have to move once, then do it all over again later” says Barbara, John’s wife, and co-pilot in running activities like the extremely popular “MG Travel” bus trips for lunches, shows and overnight stays, as well as monthly concerts and movie afternoons. “We didn’t want our kids to have to worry about us and it’s worked out for the best, since if we hadn’t moved in here, we’d be sitting around on our own looking for things to do. That’s not a problem here, there’s always something to do and someone to talk to!”

How did you get involved in running activities in the Village?

“I started off volunteering to wash and clean the cars” John remembers.

“Then our neighbor across the road was running the concerts and wanted to give it up” adds Barbara. “She thought John would be ideal to take over since he can talk the leg off an iron pot, so we took it on together.”

“As a bus driver I was always talking to people and I enjoyed it. That’s one reason why I ended up being involved with the buses here, which turned into Barb and I running regular bus trips around the area and we’re still doing it now after all these years!” says John.

“We’ve helped out in a few different activities, but there came a time when we were actually doing too much, so we settled on what we’re doing now” says Barbara. “Our kids live locally too, so we see them regularly and life is full.”

What do you feel is the best part of living here?

“Getting to know people in the village is really special, right across the board” says John. “Because we’ve been here so long and been involved in what we do, we know almost everybody. That’s why we do the bus trips, so people can mix and meet each other. When you go into Mater Christi, you can say hello to someone that you know because they’ve just shifted from here to there. It really is one caring community. We all look out for each other. We connect- even if it’s just to say hello as you walk past.”

“It’s a special place” agrees Barbara “you come down the hill and through the gates and you feel the difference. You feel the security and know you’re home.”

“I mean, why live out there on your own?” says John. “You don’t have to mix if you don’t want to, that’s all right, that’s your prerogative but you’ve got the opportunity to connect if you choose and no matter what you choose to do, you’re still part of the community.”

Thanks so much for sharing your story, John and Barbara.

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