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Proving what exercise can do for you

One of our residents Elizabeth Hawkins, 88, diagnosed with Parkinsons disease 3 years ago, is living proof of what walking and exercise can do for us as we age. Having read all she could about this debilitating disease, she realised how important it is to keep moving our bodies by walking and exercising to prevent our muscles from stiffening up. Elizabeth began walking daily and attending exercise classes here in the village. As a result, she was able to take part in a

“walking for Parkinson’s” event held in August, from the Jetty to Park Beach, a 4km pleasant walk with families, dogs, kids on bikes and scooters, which raised $7000 for Parkinson’s support. It surely is a testimony to what can be acheived by a simple daily walk and exercising our bodies, not only for Parkinson sufferers, but for all of us who are able, as we age. “If we can make it a daily habit of even half an hour walk/exercising we can see what a difference it makes to our bodies and feeling of well being. Just try it!” says Elizabeth.

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