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Our Education - Geriatric Nursing Competency Course

Geriatric Nursing Competency Course.

Victoria Traynor (professor from University of Wollongong), Nicole Britten (Project Officer UOW), Lorraine Lovitt (Clinical Excellence Commsision & NSW Falls Prevention Programme) and Michelle Chandler, representative from Southern Cross University came to Mater Christi on Friday 13th March to introduce the Geriatric Nursing Competency Course.

It was a wonderful day to meet with different clinicians and share our nursing experiences.

The programme includes 11 core competencies of gerontological nursing and it is a structured and transparent approach. The competencies include promoting mental health, psychological well-being, providing evidence based dementia care, providing optimal pain management and enabling access to technology.

All the nurses are looking forward to improving their nursing skills and confidence whilst doing the programme.

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