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Music and Movement

For some time, Mater Christi residents attending Music and Movement classes have also been involved in supporting PhD research by Blake Toohey of Southern Cross University into the benefits of Dance and music for older people. Blake’s study, “More than Just Movement: Embodied Dimensions of Dance for Older Adults in Residential Aged Care” aims to investigate how residents engage with and experience the Movement and Music class, to identify the positive benefits and how they are attained, and to explore how those positive benefits may translate into other areas of everyday aged care, enhancing the quality of life experience of aged care residents.

Sharing some fascinating insights into how beneficial this program has been for our Mater Christi residents, physically, mentally and emotionally, Blake gave a presentation to a small group of staff on his findings thus far and his plans for continuing research.

Residents were interviewed for their comments about various aspects of the sessions, and it is these comments that really showcase how immersive the practice is, for example: “You think you’re on the floor doing the can can and kicking your legs around, you know…It makes you feel you’re younger than you really are.” And “When they say breast stroke and you’re doing it, you’re thinking you’re in the water doing the breast stroke. Most of the movements have a meaning, I think, and if you think about it enough, you can put your mind to what the movement or music is, and go with it.”

We look forward to continuing to host Blake and would like to thank our residents for participating in this important research that will one day benefit other residential aged care residents.

You are making a difference!

Michelle Royce

Community Engagement / The Link Operations Manager

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By exploring how these experiences translate into everyday life, we gain valuable insights into enhancing the quality of life for seniors. Kudos to Mater Christi and Blake Toohey for their dedication to improving the lives of older adults through the power of music and movement! Start your music career on Audiomack and find out how much audiomack pay per stream.

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