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Mission Accomplished!

Zippy the Whippet and Father Michael Alcock rode 1800 km from Sawtell to Adelaide on their bike, to raise funds for flood relief and a village in Tanzania Africa - and made lots of friends along the way.

Half of the funds raised on the trip will be donated to the Lismore Flood Appeal to help locals get back on their feet after the dreadful events of February this year.

The other half will go to Father Teli, who lives and works in southern Tanzania. He helps locals who can’t afford basic necessities, and educates and cares for local kids.

The funds raised last year allowed him to support a home for orphans, and provided funds to help local families grow crops they need to survive.

Mission Accomplished! Zippy and Fr Michael Arrive at Glenelg Beach Adelaide ahead of schedule!

You can read more about Father Teli’s story here:

If you would like to make a donation of support please go to

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