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Marian Grove feature article in FOCUS magazine May 2021

FOCUS Magazine spoke to Michelle Oxley, SCC Relationship Manager.

Marian Grove is more than a retirement village, it’s a local identity. Operated by not-for-profit Sawtell Catholic Care, for over twenty-seven years this vibrant Village has grown and flourished, evolving as the needs of the community changes.

We spoke to Michelle Oxley, SCC Relationship Manager about the latest addition to Marian Grove’s accommodation options, their New Release Apartments.

“I’ve never been so busy with enquiries as these last few months” Michelle says. “Probably because now is such an incredible time to sell and downsize. With the real estate market this buoyant, people are realizing they can sell their bigger, high maintenance property, transition into our village whether in a villa, townhouse or one of our brand new apartments and have plenty of money left to enjoy the retirement lifestyle of their dreams.

The great thing about Marian Grove is, that we’re here and ready to move into now. You don’t have to wait, buy off a plan or leave the area – simply come in to us, choose from a number of different possibilities and when you fall in love with your new home, there it is, ready and waiting for you. We do have such a variety of different homes, there’s absolutely something to suit every taste and budget.”

“I’m finding, with this current real estate boom, many are actually bringing forward their plans to move into a Retirement Village, as there’s literally never been a better time to sell. Bring forward your easy, maintenance- free lifestyle at Marian Grove and start the rest of your life, right here, right now with us… what are you waiting for?”

And we hear in the not- too distant future there’s another addition to your community lifestyle opening up?

“Yes, The Link, on the site of the former Cockbains Sawtell Nursery, is now a part of our village. The Link is a totally unique space for our residents and the local community to come together and connect, with wonderful gardens, places to eat, regular events, a community garden and function centres.

If I’m interested in an apartment how will you hold it for me?

“We take a fully refundable deposit, only $1,000, while you consider your options. This gives you security without a huge outlay.”

So what do you see as your unique point of difference?

“Well, perhaps it’s our ethos. We’re a not- for- profit organisation; our village grew out of the desire of a community to provide care, fellowship and accommodation for its older members and we still do that, only more so! Our residents all rate ‘the people’ as their number one reason why they love living here. It gives them comfort knowing they’re surrounded by like-minded neighbours who know them and care about their welfare. Number two is the security and peace of mind that there are no further financial matters to ever worry about, and care into the future and older aged is assured with Home Care, Social Welfare and Residential Aged Care options all available on the same site if ever required.

Final word?

“Look, there’s never been a better time to think about your lifestyle options. A beautiful new downsized retirement home can be a great way to secure your future, so come and have a chat with us about your next chapter, have a look around, have a coffee at the café. Who knows how long this opportunity will last, the time to act is now – don’t wait. Come to Marian Grove. We’d love to hear from you!”

or call (02) 6653 1241

*departure fee may be payable

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