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Introducing our new Marian Grove Village Manager Karen Martin

Dear Valued Residents of Marian Grove This is certainly an unusual time to have joined you at Marian Grove. Lockdown means that for the time being, there is no opportunity to meet you all or have a cuppa. Attending residents’ functions is temporarily on hold. Zoom is the new normal. Who would have ever have imagined the situation we find ourselves in? House bound, running up our phone bills, cleaning the house repeatedly, tired of our own cooking and attending to those tasks we usually put in the “too hard basket”? Going out for dinner has never been something to look forward to with such eagerness, also the prospect of meeting up with friends for a social outing of such significance. These are things we have taken for granted, yet they are so precious for us to resume when possible. My priority is being ‘hands on’ with all the residents of the village, from assisting with residents’ functions, support in arranging residents’ outings, welfare visits to residents requiring care and even calling bingo when necessary. “Kelly’s eye, number one”. The relationships I have formed with past residents are precious to me, as I have made long lasting friendships and am privileged to have been included in their lives. As per my bio, my primary value is respect and acknowledgement of each individual’s beliefs and culture. Then opinions are acknowledged, and appreciated. We all have different opinions and ideas, and the combination of these ideas and opinions helps us grow and evolve as a genuinely understanding community. My priority is to become involved, understand and befriend you and become a benefit to the community as a whole. I encourage feedback and new ideas and believe in continuous improvement. My focus is to learn and assist with existing processes and procedures and contribute enthusiastically. One quote I truly identify with is “stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited by what could go right”. I believe in positivity as a mindset, and consider the happiness of life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Our positive attitudes are especially important in these trying times dealing with COVID 19, but have faith. This too will pass and we will be back enjoying our family and friends before long. Rest assured, Corona Virus will pass and I look forward to meeting you all on the other side. Karen Martin Marian Grove Village Manager

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