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In the Spirit - A Year of Hope. Matt Digges

In the past year we have discovered a lot about ourselves as a society. After spending considerable time under restrictions or in lock down, our resilience has allowed us to emerge stronger people. Many of us have experienced both our strong and weak moments! During the restrictions we demonstrated that we care for the common good by reaching out to one another in many ways. As well as informal and personal arrangements, when the call went out, extra village residents joined the volunteer programme. This enabled extra communication with residents whose family and friends were not able to visit. These actions have transformed us and strengthened the bonds of our community.

We are people of hope. Despite our occasional jibes, we trust our institutions to protect the people of our country, and we trust each other. This has been displayed in the extra workload gladly assumed by residents, staff and volunteers to ensure infection control and maintain safe social distancing. I have seen it in the flexibility residents and families demonstrated in the face of ever-changing goalposts concerning infection outbreaks in other parts of the state.

Knowing this gives us hope to move forward in confidence. We have learned that when significant challenges come our way, we have the community and personal resources to answer the need.

Soon the Christian Church will move into the season of Lent. This is a time of renewal and reflection in preparation for Easter. This season encourages us to find meaning and encouragement in all aspects of our lives. In April we will offer a mission, which is an opportunity to participate in guided reflection and prayer. Through the efforts of Fr Col, internationally recognised spiritual speaker and author Richard Leonard sj will offer his insights and reflections. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Welcome to the year of hope!

Matt Digges

Director of Mission

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