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How is SCC involved in NSW Government MY COMMUNITY PROJECT?

Sawtell Catholic Care’s ‘Holding the Story’ project has made it to the voting stage in the NSW Government’s My Community Project grant! If you could vote for our project online at

that would be wonderful.

While you’re there, you can also vote for four other deserving projects for our electorate. To check out how to vote go to

Thank you so much!

What’s this project about?

The art of storytelling creates positive social impact through developing empathy and understanding within a community. Storytelling is inclusive of all cultures, ages, genders and abilities. Connections which form through the collection of stories from older people will create a thriving, diverse and inclusive community around the art and culture of stories and storytelling. People’s stories will also be shared (with permission.) Ultimately, the whole community will also benefit through ongoing access to and viewing of participant's stories.

Think “Humans of Coffs Harbour!”

You can see some of our previous stories on this site at HOLDING THE STORY

If you need help voting or for more information contact;

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