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Dementia Action Week 2022

Dementia Action Week (19 – 25 September 2022) is a national awareness-raising campaign that challenges common misconceptions about dementia.

The World Health Organization defines dementia as “a syndrome, which results in deterioration to cognitive function (the ability to process thought) beyond what is expected from usual consequences of ageing.”

Dementia can affect a person’s:

  • memory

  • thinking

  • behaviour

  • judgement

  • communication

  • ability to perform daily activities

Dementia impacts almost half a million Australians and with Australia’s ageing population, this number is estimated to more than double over the next four decades.

The concept for Dementia Action Week was developed in consultation with Dementia Advocates, who have a lived experience of dementia. The ‘A little support makes a big difference’ campaign demonstrates that many people living with dementia can continue to live well for many years after their diagnosis.

Dementia Australia's website has a host of free resources and support information, if you would like to read more click here

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