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BE CONNECTED - An Intergenerational Initiative

Be Connected is a government initiative to introduce people to ways they can use digital technology to improve their lives. Through funding from Be Connected, Younger.Co ran a trial with SCC to offer a ‘We Connect Generations’ morning on Friday 21st Februrary as part of NSW Seniors Festival 2020. Young people from the Coffs Harbour Education Campus shared their skills in digital technology with Mater Christi residents. However, the education wasn’t all on the residents’ side, with one of the girls commenting “We have learned much more from you than you have from us today”.

The morning was a great success, with ABC Radio National interviewing our CEO, our residents and the young people. SCC has now partnered with Younger.Co to run an ongoing intergenerational program to explore what kinds of technology will enhance quality of life and wellbeing for our residents, as well as build the communication and life skills of the youngsters involved. We’d like to offer Marian Grove residents the opportunity to be part of this program as well, so if you’re interested in participating , please contact Michelle Royce through the Marian Grove office to find out more!

Michellle Royce

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