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A Quality Vision for Aged Care

The Aged Care Sector Committee (ACSC) has recently released its Quality Vision for Aged Care. The vision is designed to support the aged care sector’s work in delivering consumer centred care and services that enhance quality of life and quality of care for senior Australians.

The goal of the Quality Vision is for all Australian Government-subsidised aged care services to demonstrate high quality, consumer centred services that are safe, effective, inclusive, caring, transparent, accessible, responsive, and well-led. The principle of continuous improvement supports these characteristics at both a service and sector level.

The vision was prepared by the Quality Sub-group, formed by the ACSC, to:

  • develop a strategic vision for quality in aged care

  • investigate and prioritise the components of a strategic vision for quality in aged care in the 2020s.

One page posters providing visual representations of the Quality Vision have been developed.

The Quality Vision and supporting resources can be found on the department's website.

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