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Thank you for your interest in Marian Grove Retirement Village. The following is a list of common questions we receive when people are considering purchasing their new home.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your own questions or to clarify any matter on (02) 6653 1241


What will make me decide to live at Marian Grove Lifestyle Retirement Village?

You can enjoy the freedom to continue to live independently in a relaxed, safe and secure environment, whilst living in a high quality, low maintenance home surrounded by likeminded neighbours, with a wonderful sense of community.


How many villas/units in the Village?

There are a total of 178 homes, comprising of:-

2 x 1 bedroom; 149 x 2 bedroom; 27 x 3 bedroom


What is the cost to become a resident (Entry Price)?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred villa, the entry price (called the Entry Contribution) is dependent on the size, style and location of that home.  

The villas range in price from $350,000 to $500,000. 

Deposits of $1,000 (which are fully refundable should you decide not to proceed) are now being taken to reserve your chosen home.


What are the terms of occupancy?

Occupancy of the villa is by way of Loan Licence Agreement which affords the resident uninterrupted right of residency under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

What are the ongoing fees payable?

The ongoing fees for being a resident in a retirement village are known as Recurrent Charges.  They are the costs for running the village, such as repairs and maintenance, grounds care, administration and management, accounting and auditing, plant and equipment, insurances, and utilities.


As at July 2023, the monthly recurrent charges for couples is $602 and for singles is $499.

This amount increases annually in July, based on the increase in the Single Age Pension


Is there a Departure Fee?

Yes.  There is a departure fee payable when the resident leaves the village.  It is capped after 7 years, at 35% of the entry price.  Upon leaving the village, you will be refunded 65% of that entry price (or pro rata should you vacate prior to 7 years).

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

No. There is NO stamp duty payable, thus providing a substantial saving.


Can I leave the villa to any of my family?

No, under the terms of the Loan Licence Agreement the actual villa itself cannot be bequeathed. You are entitled to the refundable interest free loan and this may be bequeathed in the usual way.


Can I rent out our villa?

No. To maintain the standard of a safe secure environment for residents, all apartments are to be owner occupied by long term residents at a similar stage in life.


Can I have family, grandchildren, or guests stay over?

Yes, short stays are permissible – longer stays are to be approved by management.


Who pays the rates?

Water, Land & Sewerage Rates are paid by Marian Grove.


Who pays for telephone, electricity, pay TV, Internet Wifi etc?

Residents are responsible for payment of their own electricity and telephone connection and use.  Foxtel and similar pay TV subscriptions are user pays.  


Do I need Home & Contents Insurance?

Marian Grove insures all buildings however the residents are responsible for insurance of their personal possessions.


Does Marian Grove have a resident emergency response pendant? 

Yes – an emergency pendant and call system from Vital Call - Safety Link is provided to each apartment, for 24/7 access to a trained Vital Call Response Operator.


I have a musical instrument that I play – can I bring it with me?

Depending upon the instrument, the laws regarding noise and nuisance will be no different to those in the general community.  Under the agreement, noise should not cause nuisance outside of any unit between the hours of 10pm and 9am.


Can I have a pet?

Yes - we recognise the benefits of pets in people’s lives through companionship, social interaction and wellness.  Research has shown that one good way to improve wellbeing is through regular interaction with animals.  

You may have a small breed dog, cat, small caged bird or fish in a bowl – all of which is subject to management approval and must adhere to the Village Pet Policy. 


Do I need to provide a medical certificate or reports to verify I can live independently?

No, the village is for independent living.

Do I need to provide documentation of any medical conditions or medications? 

If so, who will access this?

No, although it is advisable in the event of an emergency. 

All records are held pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988.


What happens if my partner requires additional care, and can no longer stay in the village,
do I have to leave as well?

As long as you are jointly on the Loan Licence Agreement, you do not need to leave the apartment.


What type of village transport is available to the residents?

There is a Village Bus that runs free regular return trips to Toormina Shopping Centre, the CBD and Park Beach Plaza for shopping.


Am I responsible for the replacement of any capital items, such as roofing, guttering, the bus etc?

No.  All of these expenses are the responsibility of the owner.  Unlike some villages or complexes, a sinking fund is set up with the residents money, Sawtell Catholic Care acknowledges its liability to meet these expenses.


What is the distance of the major public places of interest from the village?

The local shopping centre - Toormina Gardens Shopping Centre is 800m 

Coffs Harbour Health Campus (Hospital) – 5km’s

Airport    - 5.5km’s

Train Station – 6.7km’s

Public Bus Stop – 300m

CBD – 6.3km’s

Sawtell Café District & Cinema – 2.5km’s

Sawtell Beach – 2.8km’s


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